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Graduates of August 2017
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Congratulations to the following students for completing the Diploma and Higher Diploma on August 5, 2017:

Concordia International College 

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Communication
  1. Park , Mari

Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  1. Ahn, Jaechul
  2. Alquero, Angela
  3. Balientos, Jeniva
  4. Bañares, Kimberly
  5. Batifora, Chaluz
  6. Batul, Elaine
  7. Bengco, Emy Rose
  8. Cabañez, Thelma
  9. Caimol, Janine
  10. Cayetano Rosanna
  11. Cuartelon, Anna Liza
  12. Cunanan, Alena
  13. Daganas, Princess Joy
  14. David, Cheryl
  15. Dayrit, Donald
  16. Dela Cruz, Armie
  17. Domingo, Marie Charmaine
  18. Dungca, Winny
  19. Enriquez, Aileen
  20. Fajardo, Ma. Cristine
  21. Flores, Jennelyn
  22. Flores, Marie Agnes
  23. Galang, Jeilyn Marie
  24. Garibay, Glymoure
  25. Gonzales, Danica Joy
  26. Hidalgo, Vanessa
  27. Jomao-as, Abegail
  28. Kang, Seunghan
  29. Lacanlale, Wilbern
  30. Lacson, Roxi
  31. Laurente, Jancy Marie
  32. Lazana, Hermilyn
  33. Lee, Minjae
  34. Lim, Jessica
  35. Luzung, Jomel 
  36. Macapili, Aireen
  37. Macaso, Ma. Sylvia
  38. Macato, Ladjmahri Jimoko
  39. Madlambayan, Kathlene Ceres
  40. Magat, Rochelle
  41. Magcalas, Josie Mae
  42. Mallari, Mary Jane
  43. Manguera, Gemar
  44. Mendoza, Aleguas
  45. Mendoza, Florencio
  46. Mesa, Maria Ana
  47. Mewborn, Margie
  48. Molina, Girley
  49. Montesa, May Anne
  50. Murillo, Rose Ann
  51. Ocampo, Maureen
  52. Pabalan, Lenie
  53. Pajarillo, Joan Marie
  54. Quillano, Rosemarie
  55. Quizon, M G Ravi
  56. Reanzarez, Howie
  57. Rivera, Jhoanna Marie
  58. Santiago, Arseneth
  59. Serrano, Angelica
  60. Tagara, Roditha Mae
  61. Tamado, Shiela
  62. Tangi, Ruerene
  63. Waje, Josie
Concordia International University
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  1. Park , Mari
Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  1. Park, Mari
We are proud to be part of your journey towards success. May you carry your spirit to snatch the opportunities out there and beat the challengers to reach all your goals.
Congratulations on your graduation!


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Paul Penman, CEO of London School of Marketing Visits Concor…
Paul Penman, CEO of London School of Marketing in the U.K., arrived in Manila airport last October 5th to visit Concordia and HELP campuses. He toured our English Call Center (HELP) in Clark, and Concordia College of Benguet and other HELP centers in Baguio. The visit was finalized with a meeting in Manila on October 7th with Concordia head members.   London School of Marketing …

Seoul Polytech Education signs MOU with Concordia College of…
On February 13th, 2018 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Concordia College of Benguet and Seoul Polytech Education CEO Chung Yeol Jo to develop academic programs and promote credit transfers between the two institutes. The partnership will bring more opportunities and pathways for future students in Concordia International University and Seoul Polytech Education. About …

Wondafl English Program
It has been 6 months since the launch of the Wondafl English program by Concordia International School. We have successfully registered over 300 students worldwide; in Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and China. Over the course of three months, each of our students have been reading 100 English books per month on average and the results were phenomenal. Their Lex…

Concordia Postal Museum
Concordia Postal Museum IIn 2018, Concordia International University is launching several new projects and departments that will benefit the students and the institute. The idea to launch Concordia Postal Museum has been suggested and coordinated during the end of 2017 but it has been open for the target on March 1st 2018. Concordia Postal Museum wishes to provide opportunities to …

Concordia College of Benguet signs MOU with Franklin Virtual…
On last December 14th, 2017 Mr. David Hooser, President of Franklin Virtual School signed Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Hyomin Im, International Dean of Concordia College of Benguet. The partnership agreed upon mutual benefits of student collaborations and program referrals to create better pathway for students from both institutes. About Concordia International University C…

Concordia International University partner with Alliance Hig…
On Dec 18th, 2017, In hopes of providing better preparation and qualification for their students, Concordia International University collaborated with Alliance High School in Vancouver, Canada. This partnership provides more options for students who do not want to take the traditional pathway into university and colleges for Concordia feeder school students and more opportunities for Alliance H…

Concordia Education Center in Uzbekistan
Last November 25th 2017, Tukhtaboy Jumaniyazov, president of Concordia Education from Uzbekistan visited Concordia International University in Seoul office. Mr. Jumaniyazov finished 10 days of Concordia Education Center training course, and on December 5th fly back to Urgench city to establish stronger system in Concordia Education Uzbekistan. Through this partnership, Concordia Internat…

Concordia develops strategic partnership with Gfutec
Last April, 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Concordia and Gfutec Corporation CEO Chris. Jeon to develop the polytechnic program together and contribute to raising the level of education contents in Asia. This year, the partnership was renewed to strengthen the cooperative ventures into several new fields including: Business development Internship/Job opportun…

Concordia opens Language Center in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Last September 2017, Concordia opened its first education center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Under the title “Concordia Language Center”, the education center endeavors to bring better academic contents, curriculum, and pathway for Vietnamese students as well as International students living in Vietnam.   The programs available through Concordia Language Center in Vietnam i…

Concordia Art Business Centre has Open it's Door
Art business exchange between Vietnam and South Korea is on the rise. On this soil, Concordia Art Business Center (CABC) has opened its gate which will serve its role as a channel of two countries art business exchange. Culture and education of art business will be conducted by CABC under the lead of Hun sook Ko, the head of the Center. Concordia Art business Centre will be a platform f…

Concordia College of Benguet First Parents and Teachers Asso…
​In its three years of academic operation and since the opening of its Senior High School last August 2016, the first ever PTA meeting of the school was held last September 20, at the AVR Room 1:30 pm. ​The objectives of the PTA meeting were: 1. To introduce to parents the faculty and staff of Concordia College of Benguet 2. To establish …

Concordia College of Benguet Senior High School SY 2017-2018…
Concordia College of Benguet held its first orientation convocation for the 1st Semester  SY 2017-2018 last September 7 and 8 at the AVR from 9:00 am to 12: 00 am.  The purpose of the first day orientation were: first to introduce to the students to their class advisers, the staff and faculty members of CCB and second, t…

Concordia College of Benguet Senior High School SY 2017-2018…
Concordia College of Benguet opened its doors to the Senior High School students last August 7, 2017. There were two sections created: one for Grade 11 and one for Grade 12. 30 students from the Grade 11 old students returned while 29 students from Grade 11 were new enrollees.  On the first day of classes, teachers could see and feel the excitem…

Yukiko Hiromatsu from Fukuoka Communication College visits C…
Yukiko Hiromatsu, Chief of International Exchange Center of Fukuoka Foreign Language College & Fukuoka International Communication College visited Concordia in our Philippine campuses. On October 8th, Mr. Hiromatsu arrived in the Clark airport and visited our campuses in Clark and Longlong. The next day he attended the Concordia College of Benguet Foundation Day as well as the tour of the c…

Concordia College of Benguet Signs MOU with Ivoline IBT Core…
On November 12, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Concordia College of Benguet and Ivoline IBT Core, Inc. Chief Execuitve Officer Jung Ho Ryu, MBA to develop develop academic and cultural interchange in the areas of education, research, other activities, agree to cooperate and work toegther toward the internalization of education.  The areas of partnership …

Concordia Signs MOU with Chongqing Yezhi Culture Spreading C…
On November 10, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Concordia International University - USA and Concordia International College of Asia and the Pacific Chief Executive Officer David Kang and Chongqing Yezhi Culture Spreading Co, Ltd. President Young K. Lee to develop a partnership cooperation in the area of promoting effective English learning programs and/or some other mut…
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