Diploma in Detox Specialist


What is Detox?

Detox, or detoxification, is a natural process that actively improving and optimizing body’s own ability to get rid of toxins.

Who is Detox Specialist?

Detox Specialist is a nutrition consultant specialized in assessment and consultation for detoxification diet. As a Detox Specialist, the consultant is responsible to conduct dietary assessment to determine the patient’s need for detoxification, formulate a detoxification plan for a patient including diet & exercise plan, and life style change, help patient to execute the plan, and Follow up the outcome of the plan.

Why do I need Diploma in Detox Specialist?

After successful completion of this program, students obtain an opportunity to start their career as a Detox specialist. As a Detox specialist, student may consult and assess their clients, and may recommend and sell various health-related products based on client’s need. Students may also continue their education by taking higher level nutrition programs. By doing that, students will broaden their knowledge in nutrition, and they will also be certified to introduce and provide more variety of services.

Our goal is that those who have qualified from the Concordia International University Detox Specialist program will become proficient and confident Nutrition Consultant and achieve the career advancement they seek. It is also possible for graduates to gain support and direction in finding employment when they finish the Detox Specialist Program.

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